Friday, March 1, 2013


Me thinks that the blogger app leaves something to be desired. I seems to work fairly well when I use it via my iPhone, but I'm not totally sold on its functionality on the iPad. This is especially strange when I consider the fact that they're the same app. I mean, it's not like they have a different version for different devices in the case...

Also, I am not typing this from my iPad Mini keyboard case. I originally had a regular iPad but after having a Nook Color (that I loved), it felt big, bulky, and was just not the right size for me. The original was hard to put in a purse and just take off. It was BOMB, let's be totally honest about that, but not the right size.

After Christmas, Kirby and I decided to upgrade to minis instead. It really is an ideal size for me. I have fairly small hands, especially considering that I'm fairly tall at 5'6", so the mini just fits better. I adore it.

As I've often talked about, I'm heading to ACPA and Vegas on Sunday. I've been told not to lug around my lap top, but rather to use my iPad with a keyboard case instead. So, I bought one. I'm typing on it now, and as a perfectionist, I'm struggling and enjoying it. The keyboard is, understandably, small. I think it will totally work for me, but as of now, it will take some adjusting to.

I'll keep you posted of my long term thoughts. I am sure it has you gripping your seats and begging for more. Clearly :).


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