Saturday, July 20, 2013

Harry Potter

I'm watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.  The accents are wonderful. They remind me of the time I spent in England. I miss hearing the accent all the time. It was one part of my stay there that I sincerely loved.

While I was in England I spent time finding the British versions of all seven books. It was fun to read them. They're not overly different from the American versions, but they use certain words, like boogey (for booger), that made it interesting. I also enjoyed reading about trifles, a dessert, after having tried a few. That's not a common treat States' side, so it was fun to enjoy.

I also had the chance to visit Durham with one of the girls who was also in my same program. She did her undergraduate degree at Durham University. We went back for a Halloween event. Though visiting the locations where Diagon Alley and parts Hogwarts castle were set was not the highlight of that evening, it was still one of those really pleasurable moments. I didn't get any good pictures of it as it was already dark when we arrived that night. What an adventure.


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