Friday, April 12, 2013

today has been productive

and it's only 6:26 am.

Last night my dear friend, Kate, and I went to dinner/drinks/pretend to study/keep ourselves from freaking out over the state of our complicated, though exciting, futures together after our class got out at 7:05. We stayed at The Garage (a really great burger place in Norman) until 11:30, and then I came home to pack for the Girl's Wine Weekend in Grapevine, Texas this weekend. There will be more on that, promise.

So, get home way late (for a work night), have not packed, have not been to the store to get necessary things like razor blades so I don't have leg hair that has been growing out since Drew went back to England stubbly legs (I've been shaving my armpits - don't you worry), have not finished the massive spread sheet about PhD programs that I may or may not be applying to come September 1, and have not talked to my boyfriend who wakes up super early so I can stress/freak out at him for my own silliness. I'm a lucky girl on that count.

This all leads to the decision (at 1:30 this morning) to go to Walmart when I wake up at 4:30 (so I can get the necessary razor blades among other things) for this weekend. So, my happy (ha) self was at WalMart for 4:50 this morning, I've done the shopping, I've showered and shaved, I'm about to do my makeup and pack the very last of my things (toiletries mainly) for the trip, and then I'm off to work for two hours before my friends swoop me away south.

So, like I said, today has been surprisingly productive and now it's 6:33 am.


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