Thursday, February 14, 2013

VDay bummer, awesome, and not VDay, BDay!

I've mentioned before that Drew lives in the United Kingdom. We met when I was over there to do school. Yes, he has a fabulous accent. I love it.

There are times that long distance isn't horrific. I honestly believe a couple can make long distance work if they are both honest, truly committed, and willing to sacrifice. I'd say that Drew and I do all of that. We work really hard to make it work. We see each other via skype almost daily, if not a time or two a day. We also email regularly to keep up with each other since we can't call or text like other couples do.

All that said, it's hard to go to events by by myself because I'm with someone. I adore that someone, so it's worth it, but it's hard. It's hard that we get to see each other four times a year. We're moving toward marriage and rectifying all of this, but for now, we do the long distance relationship, and days like Valentine's Day are hard.

We decided to mail handwritten cards this year and celebrate when he's here to visit in March. I'm so looking forward to March. It will be here sooner than I think, but until then, we're on our own for VDay and it kind of sucks.


On another, awesome, excellent and totally related note: Today we held the One Billion Rising event we planned in connection with this year's Vagina Monologues. If you don't know about OBR, you definitely need to check it out. The goal is to end violence against women all over the world. 1 in 3 women will be raped, beaten or murdered in her life time. In my family of five... that means statistically that either me, Kirby, or my mom will experience one of those atrocities. Pretty awful huh? Join us in DANCING to raise awareness and to stop the violence today.

I rise because I don't want to watch another person in my life - my sister, my mother, my friends - hurt by violence. Rise up, DANCE, stop the violence!


To wrap this special VDay post up, I'm going to end with a special message for my younger brother:

Happy 23rd Birthday, Michael! 


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