Tuesday, February 19, 2013

today's personal to-do list:

I'm a big fan of to-do lists. I love being able to check something off the list. It gives me a sense of accomplishment, and allows me to make sure I leave nothing behind. I can keep track of myself and my progress this way.

This is today's list:

Tuesday, February 19th:


  1. Review practicum website materials 
  2. Read and do reading response for Practicum
  3. Read, do reading response, and do unit summary 3 for Adult Learner
  1. Memorize Monologue
  2. Work on Prezi for ACPA
  3. Memorize Monologue
  4. Meeting at Blu with Erin about ACPA
  5. Memorize Monologue
  6. Run
  1. Stop "whimping"out when running (yes, my notebook that I write all of this in really says whimping).
  2. You are worth it. 
  3. You can do it. 
Now, this should not be confused with my calendars (yes, that is intentionally plural) that has about 150 different other things that I need to remember or do for work, i.e., events, workshops, film screenings. This is my personal life to-do list for the day. 

All this in the name of organization, sanity, and motivation. I like to believe it's working... At least I keep telling myself that it is. 


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