Saturday, February 9, 2013

Today has felt productive

It's only 12:57pm, but it's true. It has felt productive so far. I was up early to get ready for a meeting with a group mate for a class project. We headed over to Barnes and Noble, got our project squared away, and now I've got to do another hour or so of work to get it presentation ready.

Not too shabby since I I've been awake for three hours at this point. I've also eaten lunch. See! Productivity people, productivity.

Now, to re-buckle down. I want to knock out this last piece of the project before I try to talk myself into head over to the gym to get in a run.

That's right, I'm doing the Color Me Rad 5K in OKC this May.
I'm training with a Couch to 5K 8 week running guide. Considering that I'm REALLY out of shape (as in I used to weigh 302 pounds and have lost 58 pounds, but by no means does that mean I'm a skinny minnie), I've modified it to go a little slower with more increments for increasing my running so I don't kill myself on the dang treadmill so I can ease into running over 12 or so weeks instead. I'm finishing up my third week tomorrow. I've gotten in my three workouts a week (though I'm aiming for four) this week doing a two minute run followed by five minutes of walking. I'm always good for the first two goes, but the third round is really hard, and by the fourth, I'm gasping. 

I figure that adding in the fourth workout a week will help me bump up to fitness level, burn a few more calories since I ate half of a BBQ baked potato for lunch, and hopefully make the next level up easier. I'm supposed to jump to a 3 minute run, 4 minute walk on Monday (gasp!) three times a work out three times a week for one week. I'm nervous. Like I already said, I'm dying at the end of my two minutes at a run already. 

I suppose this is where I should remind myself that my blog url is Remember: dedication, determination, desire. Yes. That. 

Ok, back to the books, and then to the gym (maybe). 

Update: 5:56 pm.

I have done both. I finished my homework AND went to the gym to run. I'm not sure how well I'm going to handle the bump up to three sets of three minutes next week, but I did my 2 minutes this week. Tomorrow is a day of rest and homework and memorization. Have I mentioned I'm in the Vagina Monologues this year? Because I am :). 


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