Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pinup Girls

I adore pinup girls. I always have. I once had a weekly planner with pinup girls on it. I wish I'd looked at the manufacturer info before I got rid of it. I loved it that much. Because it's the day before Valentine's Day, I decided to post something fun and sexy that always puts a smile on my face.

I know a lot of people aren't fans of pinups because the objectify women. I can't fight against that argument. I can see what they mean. But, I love the sass. I think the women look strong, powerful, in control. I'd love to see a man do what a woman does in heels with the poise and grace we do it with. That's what the pinups represent to me.

This is my favorite brunette Gil Evergreen pinup painting. I love the look of surprise and something about her body language. 

Again, I love the body positioning. Something about the tilt of her shoulders. It reads as confident to me. 

This is far and away my favorite pinup picture of all time, without question. The wink, the grin, the hand in the hair...yes. I love the bold blue background with the white dress and red belt. I love everything about it. 

Even looking at the pictures now as I've just written about them, they make me smile. They always make me feel happy. I identify with these women in the pinups that I think know the power they have, how sexy, but confident they look. As someone who does not always feel sexy or confident in my own skin, I look at those pictures and think, "Yeah, maybe. That's not me today, but one day." And that's exciting. 


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